Thursday, August 11, 2011

Let the crafting begin!

After a long hiatus from the crafting world I'm finally starting to get back to it. I've unpacked all my crafting supplies and have been spending these rainy afternoons making jewelry and other goodies.
My latest project was a cork board made out of used wine corks. I was almost finished with it and then realized I wouldn't have enough corks! Luckily, my Stephie friend saved the day with her two giant gallon sized bags of corks! I finished the board last night and found some old photos, a few stickers we've collected from our travels and a couple love notes that just had to go up on the board.
I have a few cork projects that I want to do for the Christmas craft fair and a bath mat tutorial that I want to try for my bathroom (this one takes LOTS of corks so it might be a while!).
I miss the sun but sometimes it's nice to stay indoors and play!

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