Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to school!

Let the new school year begin! Here in Juneau teachers headed back to school yesterday and the kiddos will come on Tuesday. We've been enjoying our summer so much that it's hard to get motivated to go back to work. BUT, if we HAVE to work teaching is definitely the best job ever.
Once I got back into the school and started arranging my classroom I began to get excited about the year. Yes, there's always drama....drama with the kids...drama with the staff.... BUT, I know that overall, this will be a great year. Adam's excited about his incoming 5th graders (they're a BIG class but a really sweet bunch) and I'm excited about having an intern for the school year.
I hope all my teacher friends are ready to greet their little muchkins and help them explore the fascinating world of learning. Remember, whatever you have planned will NOT go as planned so just smile and pretend it's on the lesson plan ;-)

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