Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Giveaway winner!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the "cancer sux" necklace giveaway. According to the random number generator the winner is....

Beka Pirwitz! Congratulations!

Doing a giveaway was a lot of fun and I hope Beka loves her new necklace =)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

What a lovely break...

This week was wonderful....I wish I could be independently wealthy so every day could be like Spring Break or Summer Break. But, I 'spose if I could do this everyday it wouldn't be quite as lovely.
Here's a little glimps into my week....
I woke up without an alarm clock and I stayed in bed for just a little bit longer. Went to the gym and took my time. Relaxed in the steam room until I was toasty warm. Perused the thrift store for some timeless treasures. Ate the best spring rolls from Suwanna Cafe. Listened to Tracy Chapman (ok...sang really loud with Tracy) and watched an entire season of Weeds. It doesn't get any better than this.

Here's a little glimps into Adam's week...
Flew to Washington where he and his dad rented a car and drove to Reno. They stayed at the Peppermille (best food in the world!) and did a lot of gambling. Driving back to Washington they stopped at a few coastal towns in Oregon that he says were goregous (I can't wait to go there this summer!).

Now we're back to the grind. It's just a quick few months until summer. We're starting to plan our summer travels-I can't wait to get out of here and see some sunshine, visit family & watch Josh & Erin get married. Here's a sneak peak of my bridesmaid attire...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

old treasures become new

I've been in a cleaning frenzy this week and have found new treasures (and lots of old junk!!!). I found Adam's VW plate in one of our junk drawers and felt bad that something so cool was hiding in a drawer. I also found one of our wedding presents hiding in our closet (what a beautiful candle holder!!) as well as all of the bottle caps our friends have been saving whenever they're at our house (yes, it really was our FRIENDS who drank all those beers!!). So, I took all those treasures and came up with this fun and colorful display case. I think the hubby will LOVE it!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello Spring!

The first day of spring came in with a bang! It was sunny and gorgeous here in Juneau. Here's how I spent my springy weekend.
*Woke up bright and early to take Adam to the airport. He's in Reno right now and having a wonderful time with his dad.

*Made yummy banana cinnamon pancakes with my monkey spatula.

*Headed out to sell my jewelry with friends at the craft fair.

*Took these two cute pups out for a walk

*Gave this pup a little lovin' since his mommy is gone.

What a nice start to Spring!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

White Trash Birthday Bash

FINALLY got my pictures developed from my White Trash Birthday Bash! We had a great time dressing up, hanging out in Kat's garage, hula hooping and eating incredibly unhealthy food! Self portraits are hard without digital!!! Love the rockin' red though!

Must have Easy Cheese at a white trash party!!!

Yes, Jos is washing his cup in Kat's washing machine...

Yummy food!!!

Hula hooping fun!

Don't worry mom & dad...I didn't drink that whole bottle! Aren't our jackets awesome?

I love this picture of me and Molly =)

I have no idea what my Stephie friend is doing =)

Wow, that flash is bright!

Don't you just love the cake my hubby decorated for me?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Busy busy busy...

Wow! What a week! This week has been filled with fun but has been busy! Adam leaves tomorrow morning to spend a week with his dad. He's meeting him in Washington and they're going to drive to Reno for 4 days where they'll relax and enjoy some gambling. From there they'll decide if they want to stay in Reno or explore elsewhere. I'll miss him while he's gone but am excited for him to have some boy time with his dad.

I've been frantically getting ready for the long awaited craft fair. With it being my first craft fair I've been struggling with the logistics of it all. I know it'll be great but the little planner in me keeps thinking and thinking and thinking!

Adam and I have also been planning our summer travels! Our plan is to take a 1 and a half day cruise (on board one of the fine Alaska Marine Highway ferries ;-) ) to Prince Reupert with our car and dog. From there we'll spend some time with Adam's dad and take a road trip. Our ultimate goal would be to make it to Maine but we're just going to see what happens. We'll have to be in Colorado for my brother's wedding in July!

I finally renewed my gym membership and it's been great. I've been there almost every day this week and feel really good. Hopefully, I can keep this up and lose a little weight =)

Tuesday's jewelry class included 3 different students (including a boy!!). We made necklaces this week and had a great time. I brought in some junk jewelry and they tore it apart and made new items. I was really impressed at how crafty they were with the old junky jewelry!

I'm looking forward to Spring Break! I plan on sleeping in, reading, watching t.v., thrifting, working out, enjoying wine with girl friends, snuggling with Rosco and HOPEFULLY enjoying a little sunshine (please, please, please weather god!!!).

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Since green is my favorite color I absolutely adore St. Patrick's day. Here are a few of my favorite green things. Beautiful plant starters from my Stephie friend.

Fiestaware! This butter dish from the parental-units is one of my favorites!

Green sweaters! I love love love sweaters!

My green prom dress!!! See, even in H.S. it was my favorite color =)

I love working at an elementary school on St. Patricks Day. The kids are writing letters and setting traps for the leprechauns. The nasty leprechauns always wreak havoc on the classrooms. They throw desks around and leave green glittery footprints all over the classroom. Maybe this year we'll catch one of them!!!

We survived!

We've survived conference week! For Adam, the few weeks before conferences are always busy with grading, entering grades, organizing the classroom and preparing to meet with the parents. Chores around the house have been neglected and we've been eating a lot of pizza this week. Paula's recent post has inspired me to share a few pictures of my (eeek!!) dirty house! Yes, here it house isn't's not always clean...and that's ok!

The Desk of Doom!!

I love that Adam's friends come over and "cook" for us. Most of the time their "cooking" consists of pizza and beer. It's a night off for me though so I'm not complaining.

Hey, who fired the maid??

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday Loves

This winter we've fallen into a lovely Sunday routine.
I wake up to my favorite breakfast in my favorite mug (Graham crackers & milk!).
If the weather is nice I take a walk with Erin & the boys (we had to skip this!!!).
Adam & I snuggle in bed with Rosco for just a little bit longer...
Eventually, we get up and drive out to the University for a little walk with the dog. I love going out to the U to walk because I always find new and beautiful things to look at and photograph.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


The weather in Juneau is GROSS today! It's rainy and windy and I'm wondering why I live here. I know that someday soon the wind will calm down and the sun will come out and I'll forget all these icky winter days. So, to get me through I'm reminiscing about our wedding trip to Vegas. What a great time we had with our friends and family. I'm so wanting to go back!

While the wind is howling and the rain is pouring I'm cuddled up inside looking at all the green photos here, loving the butterfly jewelry here , signing up to win some green handwarmers here and hoping you all have entered my March giveaway here!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Welcome to the world of blogging!

I'm so excited to welcome Those Alaskan Girls to the blogging world! One of Those Alaskan Girls is a long-time friend of mine who I reconnected with last winter. She occassionally travels to Juneau and we were able to meet up last time she was in town.
She's one of those friends that you sit down and talk to over coffee and realize that two hours have passed and all you've talked about were crafts and etsy! I love her enthusiasm for crafts, jewelry and all things etsy!
She makes some gorgeous jewelry and her friend (and partner in crafting) sews the cutest little slugs.
I know she'll love the blogging world. I can't wait to read her stuff and keep up to date with all her new products.

Things here have been busy busy busy! We're into the first week of my attempt to raise money for breast cancer awareness. I've made a few sales and hope to keep things up throughout the entire month.

My March giveaway is going well! It's been amazing to read everyone's stories and comments about cancer. Thank you all for sharing. My giveaway will be open for the entire month of March so if you haven't entered be sure to do so. It's easy!

If you're into free stuff (and who isn't?) be sure to check out my sweet friend Erin's blog tomorrow for some free hand cozies. I hear they're green so I'll definitely be entering this fun contest!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Giveaway!

March is "Love the Breasts" month at Alaska Rocks!! I'll be featuring lots of new breast cancer awareness jewelry throughout the month and am happy to take custom orders if you have your own ideas.

This month 50% of the proceeds from my jewelry sales will be going to help 5 fabulous women raise money for the Susan G. Komen 3 day walk for the cure. Visit my little piece of etsy heaven at and shop knowing that you're doing something good!

NOW, on to my March Giveaway!! One lucky reader will be the proud owner of this gorgeous "Cancer Sux!" necklace made from copper and recycled plastic. Share a comment or story about cancer to be entered into the drawing. At the end of the month I'll randomly select a winner and send her (or him??) their new necklace. (Be sure to leave an e-mail address in your comment if you're not already a blogspot member)
Good luck & happy shopping!

Monday, March 1, 2010

A month of firsts

This month there are many firsts happening for me. They're all great and I'm excited to share them with my wonderful readers (all 5 of you!!! ;-) ).

First number one: March giveaway!! Remember that birthday gift my awesome friend Erin gave me?? The advertisement space on another woman's blog? Well, this month she's featuring sponsors who want to participate in giveaways. This means that some of her readers will be visiting my blog and leaving comments for a chance to win one of my cancer necklaces. Sounds like fun to me!

First number two: Starting on Tuesday I'll be teaching a jewelry making class at one of the local middle schools. I have little projects planned and can't wait to see how many kids show up!

First number tres: Molly & I are doing a craft show! Yikes, our first one. I have no idea what to expect. I'm excited and so happy that I"ll have a friend to talk to and drink coffee with me!