Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy 6 year anniversary!

It's hard to believe it's already been 6 years since we tied the knot in Vegas. There have been so many adventures and memories in that time. We have a lot more memories to make and adventures to be had!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy holidays!

Christmas comes early at our house and it's a tradition I think I'm finally beginning to get used to. My husband's family has always opened presents on Christmas Eve and it's a tradition that has taken me a while to be ok with. I think I've finally learned not only to accept this tradition but to (dare I say it??!!!) enjoy it!
Our Christmas Eve was wonderful this year. Adam and I did a little last minute shopping, I dropped off a few gifts to some friends, Bob and Molly came over for the evening with tons of snacks and I got to watch my favorite Christmas movie of all time (A Christmas Story). After that we settled in and began opening our gifts. This was the first Christmas that Adam's brother has been here and it was way more fun to celebrate with the 3 boys rather than just Adam and I.
We were spoiled with so many great gifts from our friends and family. I got a new camera, lots of yummy candles, beautiful jewelry, lots of warm socks, gorgeous handstitched tea towels from my grandma and lots of other great goodies. Adam got a new PS3, a toolbelt, a coffee basket, lots of coffee, a new coffee mug (yes, the hubby loves coffee!) a travel case for his tablet and plenty more.
Christmas Day will be spent writing Thank You cards, reading, relaxing, and just enjoying each other's company. I had big hopes of going snowshoeing with Rosco today but the weather has been very un-Alaskan lately and all our snow has sadly melted away.
We hope that our friends and family had a great holiday season with their loved ones!

Friday, December 23, 2011

A little Christmas decor

This year we opted to keep things simple. Rather than stressing out about decorating the house, mailing packages and baking we've decided to enjoy our time together and worry about what doesn't get done later. That might mean that my christmas tree is a simple strand of holiday lights, friends and family will be opening their gifts from us on new years and there will be very few cookies to munch on but at least we're relaxed and happy.
We hope everyone has a great holiday season. Our holiday photo and pictures of our anchorage trip coming soon!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Spoiled puppy

We are missing our Rosco-baby
but we know he's being spoiled and loved like crazy.

Adam's number one rule

Last night Adam and I took Chance to target for some Christmas shopping. Obviously, we had to stop at Starbucks for coffee first.
Adam's number one rule....never do anything without a cup if coffee.
I think Chance likes this rule :-)

Winter break has begun!

All the craziness and stress of the last week of school melted away this morning as we started our first day of break.
Last night we arrived in anchorage to spend some time with my brother's family. After a long and busy day it was nice to see a happy 5 year old and a new baby.
My nephew wanted to sleep with us and I couldn't resist taking this adorable picture of him and Adam when I woke up.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holy Friday!!!! Where did you go???

Friday was our last day at school before our two week winter break. All of the classes had fun crafts, plays or parties going on so all the kids were filled with excitement!
We held our second annual ugly sweater contest among the staff. Last year Erin and I purposely wore matching sweaters but this year another teacher and I just happened to have the same ugly sweater! What are the odds? :-)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

wrapping it all up....

It's been a crazy busy few weeks between work, coaching basketball and getting ready for Gallery Walk and the craft fair. As of today things will start slowing down and I'll be able to get back to the gym, clean my house and spend time with my husband and the doggy.
Basketball season was a huge success. We lost every game we played but the girls had fun and showed a ton of improvement and that's really all that matters in my book. Now it's time to wash 14 uniforms and plan a pizza party!

Thanks for setting up the chocolate fountain, Molly!

Gallery walk was great! We sold a bunch of our stuff, had a delicious chocolate fountain and got to see lots of our friends. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us!