Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beat the Odds 5K & other rainy day adventures

It's been a wet couple of weeks here in Juneau. You'd think we'd be used to it after living in Ketchikan for so long but Adam and I are desperate for a sunny day! We've been making the most of this wet weather with indoor AND OUTDOOR adventures.
We've had LOTS of Rosco training sessions. He has mastered closing the door behind him after he comes in from outside and is learning how to fetch (this one has taken us years! He's great at running after the ball but forgets to bring it back to us!).
Dinner at Twisted Fish! What was supposed to be a double date with our friend Paul turned into 3 boys and myself. The night was still a success and we enjoyed great food and good conversation.
Rainy day walks on Douglas. Sometimes it's nice to just walk in the rain, breath in the misty air and surrender to the fact that you are going to get wet...perhaps even soaked.
Marathon Pit Boss watching sessions. Adam and I have been sucked into Animal Planet's show Pit Boss. I think we watched the entire first season yesterday...oops ;-)
We've both spent lots of time out at the school orgainizing, lesson planning and trying to stay caught up now that the kids are back!
The annual Beat the Odds 5K! I started running this 5K about 4 years ago after my friend Stephenie invited me to run it with her. It was my first 5K since my highschool cross country days and I was a little nervous. She ran with me the whole time and I was so happy to have actually finished it! We've tried to make it a tradition to run it every year and it's always fun to see so many Juneau women come out and support this great cause. This year we finished in UNDER 30 minutes!

MaryAnne, Me, Stephenie & Kris after the run. A little wet but full of smiles!

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  1. one of these years I will make it out there....:))


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