Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fossil Huntin'

Last Friday was a fun day in Mr. Berkey's classroom. He had a hometown artist (Ray Troll) visit his classroom! The kids were stoked to see pictures of his artwork and listen to his many adventures. For those of you who haven't heard of Ray Troll (you must not be from Alaska ;-) ) he is an amazing artist who lives in Ketchikan, Alaska and is best known for his "fishy" artwork that can be found anywhere from t-shirts to the walls of local schools or museums. His most recent artwork is taking on a more "science-ey" form as he travels through the U.S. hunting for fossils. 
His fossil expedition was the focus of his lecture when he came to talk to Adam's students. This lighted a fire in Adam and he made it his mission that weekend to find a fossil! 
We spend the weekend out the road in hopes of finding a fossil to bring to the classroom on Monday. Unfortunately, we didn't find anything but we did enjoy a lot of sunshine and quality time together. I think this summer will be spent breaking up rocks and hoping to find a fossil! 

Folk Fest 2012

It was the perfect week for Folk Fest here in Juneau, Ak! The sunny weather was a welcome surprise for both visitors and the locals. Hundreds of people poured into Centennial Hall to hear artists from around the state play their 15 minute sets during the week. While Adam and I weren't able to make it to as many shows as we wanted (SBA testing was happening this week as well) we were able to catch a few of our friends show off their talent. 
Pat & Ray Troll playing at the JACC. It was an awesome "science" performance which included slides of marine life and fossils. Each song had a science-ey theme and if you paid attention you might actually learn something! 

My friend, Erin, entered the 1st annual Folk Fest karaoke contest at the Viking which was hosted by our local brewing company. Unfortunately, she didn't win but it was fun listening to her sing. She has an amazing voice! 

Our school's fantastic music teacher, Mike, performed with his band at the JACC. The music was fun and it was great to end the night with a little dancing! 
I love that our little town of Juneau offers so many opportunities for locals to show off their artistic talents. Folk Fest is a week long music festival that is put on by volunteers and is 100% FREE!!!!!! It's definitely a yearly tradition that we enjoy!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

An outstide kinda weekend...

The weather in Juneau has been perfect recently. I started my weekend with an early morning bike ride. While the sun was out in full force it was still a little chilly. The optimist in me walked out of the house without gloves in hopes that it was nice and warm. It DEFINITELY wasn't "warm" but it was still a great bike ride despite the chilly fingers.
Later that day Adam and I decided to head out to North Douglas and find a spot on the beach for a fire. Laying in the sun with a good book was just what I needed.
Today was a sunny Easter Sunday so after sleeping in we got coffees at The Grind and headed out the road. We found a spot near Eagle Beach and let Rosco run around while we soaked in the sunshine and watched a family hunt for their Easter eggs on the beach. It's been the perfect weekend to be outside and I'm hoping this weather will last for a while longer. I'm ready for SUMMER!