Saturday, February 27, 2010

hair, hair, everywhere...

One of the things that has always been on my lifelong "to do" list is to donate my hair to locks of love. It's an organization that takes your hair and creates a wig for a child with cancer. I think it's a great cause and have been trying for so long to get the necessary 10 inches. It sems like whenever I'm close I get sick of my hair and chop it off!
I measured my hair yesterday and the longest part is right at 10 inches. I already have a hair appointment scheduled for March 28th so I think this will be when I finally chop it! I've been looking at a ton of short hairstyles online and so far these are the cuts I'm liking the best. What do you think??

Sunday, February 21, 2010

how perfect

Isn't this just the cutest little dress? Oh, and it even has my name on perfect!

Sunny Sundays

The weather here in Juneau has been GORGEOUS! Lately, a dense fog has been creeping in but will burn off towards midmorning. It makes for some beautiful pictures and enjoyable walks.

This weekend I put my adventurin' shoes on and went on many great adventures!

Lovely drives in the sun with my boys...

Chilly morning walks with Juneauecomommie...
Playing at Twin Lakes with my little bud...

Shopping at Friends of the Library & Homespun Merchant's

Afternoon walks with my hunny....

Enjoying Raven's Brew coffee (Sorry, Heritage...a Ketchikan girl must have her Raven's Brew) (source:

Finding new things to photograph....

How lucky I am to live right here....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The 29 year old me...

Today was my birthday and what a fabulous day it was. I woke up to unusually warm weather and beautiful sunny skies (I found out later that these were ordered especially for me from cousin Heidi, thanks!!!)

It's so fun to work in an elementary school where birthdays are still exciting! All of the kids wished me a happy birthday and each class that came to my room today sang to me. My favorite was one student who was still stuck on Valentine's Day and sang "Happy Valentine's Day to you" before he realized he was singing the wrong song.

After work I grabbed the dog and met with Molly for a walk on Sandy beach. So nice to catch up and hear all about her mini-vacation. Later that night Adam and I grabbed a few groceries, a movie and some Chinese food and headed home for a quiet evening together.

I'm so lucky to have such great friends and family that know me so well! I recieved so many great presents this year.

Lots and lots of craft goodies! Some cute clothes and jewelry lots of green (my favorite!!!) and thumbholes!

Yummy hershey's mint truffle kisses!

An advertisement for my etsy shop!

A back massage!

Cashola!! (with which I ordered more cute clothes and some new tennis shoes)I've been curious about these new "shape-up" shoes for a while now. Apparently they tighten your core muscles and improve your posture. I've heard from a few different people that they've lost weight since owning them. Guess we'll find out soon!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The Bear Concert, Native Youth Olympics and D.A.R.E. have kept us busy over the last few weeks. Any teacher out there knows that the work day is NOT your typical 8-5 shift. When you spend your evenings & weekends at school events it sure is nice to have fabulous co-workers. Isn't this just about the greatest 5th grade team you've seen, lately? Mrs. Carriker, 5th grade teacher
Mr. Berkey, 5th grade teacher
Logie-bear, 5th grade teacher's assistant

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Charisa!

After the 4th of July parade
Oregon Coast-On the way to Karen's wedding
Happy birthday to one of the few friend's I can say I've been friend's with for 20 years!!! Remember when.....
~you got the curling iron stuck in your hair so you wore an ugly hat during our "fancy" lunch date?
~We had sleepovers even on school nights?
~we bought each other a caboodle's case for Christmas and pretended like we DIDN'T plan it!
~I cried because you bought me pumpkin socks for Christmas!
~We drove the Oregon Coast with my mom...
~We decorated Karen's car after the wedding?
~We dressed up as boys and dressed J & B up as girls and danced together.
~We shaved our legs with ice cubes so we'd get ALL of the hair.
~We gave your mom manicures and facials.
I could go on and on but I'll stop there.
Happy Birthday~I hope we can celebrate our 30th TOGETHER!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wearable Arts Show 2010

After a crazy week it was wonderful to have a Valentine's Day date with my love. We headed to the Island Pub for the best pizza in Juneau then off to see the crafty and talented models at the Wearabe Arts Show. Here's just a taste for those of you who weren't able to see it live and in person. The theme for this year- "Cirque de Pluie"This little girl was adorable in her newspaper bags. Love the orange!!These outfits were made out of re-usable grocery bags. So cute!
The Queen of hearts. These outfits were so impressive!!! Cute and funky rain wear. Just what we need in Juneau! Look Dad! Sarah Palin was there! Sorry, they were making fun of her. ;-) So sparkly and shiny. All made out of plastic and old cd's-impressive!

More playing cards. My photo doesn't do this dress justice-there were so many cards!!!

These were all made out of paint samples! It was amazing to look at and must have taken FOREVER to make!

Here's what Dr. Amy came up with after her roommate moved out...I think the roommate must've been a Lisa Murkowski fan!

Everybody loves wearing Hollister! Even if you can only afford the bag =)

This artist won last year with his mohagany dress. He went on to the Wearable Arts Show in New Zealand. Here's his 2010 creation. I love how shiny the wood is!

Thanks for taking me out on my hot Valentine's Day date, buddy! XOXO

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Josh!

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday dear Josheeee!!!!!!..... Happy Birthday to you!!!!! Wish you lived here, we'd take Baby Chance and let you and Erin go celebrate.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A great thrift store find!

In Ketchikan, Sea Mart used to be THE place to grocery shop (it could have been the ONLY place to shop at the time, but I can't remember for sure). They gave out shopper's cookies and free coffee for their customers and every once and a while the Sea Mart man would show up!

Josh and I loved seeing the Sea Mart man almost as much as we loved those shopper's cookies. Today, while I was at the thrift store I found this old Sea Mart mug and thought it'd be a perfect birthday gift for Josh.

Do you remember Sea Mart??
What did you love about this cute little grocery store?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

Yesterday I was in a funk. It must've been a case of the Mondays because today was Terrific. After work Adam and I headed out to Thane for a walk with the doggy. Unfortunately, the tide had a different idea! Without a beach to walk on we decided to head back home and walk Twin Lakes. It was a lovely walk in the dusk and we love that the days are starting to get longer! Our walk was followed by Tacos for dinner! What a perfect evening. I'll leave you with some pictures of my crafty goodness.

The necklace I wore today...along with my summer skirt wrap and winter sweater. I thought the outfit was a perfect description of Juneau's weather lately.

This one always makes me giggle! Yes, it's a wine cozy and yes, it says "I heart wine". But wouldn't it make for the perfect hostess gift?? ;-)

P.S. Rosco had a photoshoot at Twin Lakes..I'll let him tell you about it though.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fabulous February

Lots of great birthdays (mine included!!!), Valentine's Day & the wearable arts show make this my favorite month!
Today I received my first birthday present from my clever friend Erin. This has got to be the most unique gift ever! She bought me ad space on a craft blog! And, unlike my blog that only 4 or 5 people read this blog actually has over 1,000 followers! Yay! Go check it out! The ad is on the right hand side of the page. Thanks Erin!