Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

What a RELAXING Thanksgiving weekend we had at our house. Molly and I took a Thanksgiving morning hike up Salmon Creek Dam. It was a pretty quiet hike and only ran into a few other dogs and their owners. Later that day Terry and Gavin joined us for Thanksgiving dinner. Instead of making a full turkey I bought a couple of Jenny-O turkey loafs. They're pretty tasty and so much easier than making a whole turkey! 
Adam and I decided to go out and do Black Friday the next day. Our type of Black Friday shopping consists of sleeping in until 9 a.m., getting coffee and then casually strolling around a few stores. We are NOT into fighting the crowds just to save 50 bucks. 
On Saturday, my camera and I headed over to the Love's house for a photoshoot. Baby is super photogenic and we had fun getting into the Christmas spirit with lights and Christmas bulbs! 

We're still waiting on Baby Harris to show up! I leave for Vegas on Wednesday so we're keeping our fingers crossed that she comes before then! If not, then Stephenie better keep her legs crossed until I come home on Saturday! ;-)
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

November already.....Yikes!

Where is the time going? The school year is flying by and it's hard to believe we are already in November! Adam has been busy getting ready for parent-teacher conferences and will most likely spend each weekend out at the school until Thanksgiving break. My November calendar is filled with inservices and trainings including one that will be held in Las Vegas. :-) 

Last month was all about baby Harris but this month we will actually get to meet her! My Stephenie friend is due at the end of THIS month. Last night I was part of a small group of ladies that held a "baby blessing" for her. We each read a prayer that we had written for Stephenie and decorated cloth that will be turned into a prayer flag. The colored string represents the women that have come before us and the children that will come after us. It will stay on our wrists as a reminder to think positive thoughts for Stephenie until we cut the string as she goes into labor. 

Stephenie has asked me to take photos of the birth. I'm excited, honored, and (I'll be honest here..) just a little nervous to be part of such an intimate experience. I look forward to meeting baby girl!

Bye, Bye October!

Phew, what a whirlwind October has been! This month was all about BABIES!!!! 
I helped host a baby shower for Stephenie. 
 We had it at the Goldbelt hotel and it was packed with her friends, family and coworkers. Everyone had a great time showering baby Harris with love (and TONS of gifts!)
This was one of the funniest gifts Stephenie received. Who knew they made these?!?! Home alcohol test strips for breast feeding! 

I also did a pregnancy photoshoot with Stephie. We included her cousin who is also pregnant (they are only a couple weeks apart!), her sister and of course, the hubby. 

It was a chilly but SUNNY October day in Juneau so we had some fun with shadows!

Of course, the month of October wouldn't be complete without Halloween! Adam and I helped with the Fall Festival at our school. There were a ton of games, lots of food and even a few bouncy houses! It was fun to see all the great costumes the kids were wearing. I dressed as Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games but I'm bummed because I forgot to take a picture of my costume! 

While I quietly chaperoned the "movie room" Adam was busy getting shaving cream pies thrown in his face. What a good sport he was!