Friday, April 30, 2010

Catching Up

I know, it's been awhile since I've blogged. It seems that life has been busy and filled with more drama than I'd like. I like to keep my life simple & peaceful and lately it's been neither of these things. I'm hoping that the weekend will provide me the chance to collect my thoughts and get back on track.
Enough of that....let me catch you up on some of the fun things that have been going on in my life.
#1 Have been having a blast teaching my jewelry class at the middle school. Last week I had 6 kids (TWO BOYS!!!) and we worked outside because it was so warm and sunny =) Only two more classes left!
#2 Had a great time catching up with my crafty friend Melissa the other night. I love talking with her about etsy & blogging. If you haven't checked out her store lately be sure to get there. She has so many adorable things! AND be sure to check out her blog she always has the cutest photos =)
#3 Been going to the gym a lot lately and am 2 pounds away from my first goal. Once I hit that magic number I'm buying myself a new pair of jeans =)
#4 Doing lots of planning for our summer road trip. Found this great tent that connects to the element!
#5 Enjoyed a bottle of my favorite wine from Homer with my Stephie friend. Sometimes it's nice to debrief the work week with a big ol' pizza and bottle of wine! This was definitely one of those weeks!
#6 BIG NEWS! Adam and I have joined the iphone revolution. I have to admit, I thought it was a bit over the top at first. I really don't NEED an iphone and have a hard time justifying spending the money on a new toy. But, I've gotta say I am loving everything about it. They're so user friendly and convenient. Here's a glimps of how I used mine on the first night I had it. {went for a walk with Rosco. I'm listening to music on my iphone and I get a text from Adam "miss my dog..send pic" I take a picture of Rosco walking and send it back to Adam. Continue listening to my ipod. Decide that I'm a little bored on my walk so I check facebook and my e-mail. Get down to the lake and am enjoying the beauty of the evening when I notice a blue heron near the water. Seeing a perfect photo opportunity and hating myself for not bringing my Canon I quickly remember that my ipod has a camera!! Take picture of blue heron...not the best quality but I love that I was able to capture this moment without being lugged down with lots of gadgets!}
Looking for a fresh start and hoping for some wonderful adventures this month! I've got lots of good things planned and think it's just what I need to get back to my simple (DRAMA FREE!!) life =)
* May 2nd HAIR CUT!!!! Will it be long enough to donate???
*May 8th is Juneau appreciation day. I love the tram rides up to Mt. Roberts. I'm hoping to get up there and take some photos.
*May 15th is the Think Pink Beer & Wine tasting. It's a fundraiser that a few wonderful women are putting on to raise money for the 3 day Susan G. Komen walk. Can't wait to dress up and enjoy some good wine, tasty food, jazzy music and great company.
* May 22nd is the retirement party for one of our beloved teachers. It'll be sad not to have her around next year but I'm looking forward to a great BBQ and wishing her fairwell in her upcoming adventures!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

a few good finds

I found so many great thrift store & garage sale finds this weekend! Here are my treasures...
1 large glass container (perfect for holding my rocks and beach glass): $1.00
1 purple puffy vest (perfect for my early morning spring walks): $1.00
1 pair of sparkly flats (perfect for sunny days): $1.00
1 cute little hat (perfect for the days I don't feel like washing my hair): Free-store credit!
1 kahki skirt (perfect for the roadtrip!): Free-store credit!
1 pair of brown wool trousers (perfect for the days I feel like wearing heels): $2.00
1 big green wood bangle (perfect for ME!): 4.00
Can't wait to wear all my new goodies!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

aren't these cute???

I had a special order for a customer who wanted a necklace that said "my boys are my heart". I've been wanting to purchase a few new stamps for awhile now and figured this was the perfect excuse! I found these two stamps on etsy and just had to have them! They are soooo adorable and I think they add the perfect final touch to the necklace.

And when I saw the cute little footprints I knew I just HAD to have them! Our neighbors just had a baby so this necklace is for her. =)

sunshine makes me happy =)

We've had crazy weather this April but on Friday the clouds rolled away, the snow disappeared and the sun started shining. What a great weekend to get out and play!

Sunshine makes for great beach combing!

Sunshine makes cute little shadow pictures!!Sunshine makes afternoon naps soooo much better!

Sunshine makes Juneau's annual folk fest way more fun!

Sunshine makes me happy =)

Monday, April 5, 2010

what a sneaky little easter bunny!

Our cute little friend, Kathleen, was ever so sly and sneaky this year. Look at the cute cupcakes she brought us!
Homemade carrot cake cupcakes with marshmellow peeps on top! Adorable and oh so yummy!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

What a wonderful Easter weekend! It was a crazy and hectic week at work so the weekend was definitely welcomed (as it ALWAYS is!!!). Our weekend was filled with spring beauty, relaxation and lots of giggles!
The sun was shining on Friday so we decided to grab the pup and head out to St. Therese. I love hearing the ocean smack against the rocks and seeing the new flowers pop up from the ground.
Saturday was spent relaxing and perusing the used book store. I searched for road trip books and found 3 for only 75 cents! Talk about a bargain!!!!
The giggly part of our weekend came on Saturday when we went to the movies and watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid. There were so many funny parts that Adam and I spent the entire ride home talking about our favorites.
Hope your weekend was as fun as ours!

Friday, April 2, 2010

got tickets...will travel!

We bought our ferry tickets for the summer! I am so excited and can't stop talking about it! I love researching and planning and talking about future trips because then it makes them feel longer than they really are! So, I've been doing some internet research and this weekend we're going to swing by Friends of the Library and see if they have any old road trip travel books.

Here's our plan so far....

Leave June 15th and ferry to Prince Rupert. From there we will drive to Washington and spend a few days with Terry (and hopefully see my Charisa friend!!). We're going to head down the Washington & Oregon coast and beach comb and camp to our hearts content! We'll take our time exploring all the cute little towns until it's time to head to Colorado for Josh's wedding. After the wedding we'll start our journey home.

I love the idea of a road trip. Camping under the stars....eating at quirky restaraunts...perusing big city thrift stores....catching up with old friends.... and falling in love with the beauty the west coast has to offer.

source: weheartit