Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Windfall Lake Cabin

Yesterday we headed up to Windfall Lake Cabin with a few of our friends. This was Adam's first time snowshoeing. We've gotten some great snow over the last week so the hike up was perfect. Once we got to the cabin I fixed us some frito pies. We were all starving and the food tasted wonderful. The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging and being as lazy as possible.
That evening, Stephenie taught us how to play a new card game. It involved slaping at the deck and there were times when it was a little violent. I feared I'd come back with a broken finger so I was a pretty timid slapper.
After cards we enjoyed an amazing spaghetti dinner with rolls and wine. Perfect cabin food!
The next morning was mine and Adam's 3 year anniversary (yay!) Stephenie & Kyle brought champagne and orange juice for us to celebrate! They made us cherry and apple pancakes and sausages too! What a great way to start the day.
Eventually, had to pack up and head back down. It was a really nice way to spend our anniversary. Rosco did a great job hiking but quickly passed out in the car on the way home. It just wore him out!

Adam and I are spending the rest of our anniversary day being LAZY and loving the fact that we have a good excuse (just went snowshoeing!!!!). I made a huge pot of jambalaya and Adam is making sourdough bread. We'll be having a pretty yummy anniversary dinner-way better than eating out!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Trip

Yay! We're home! What a great trip we had! Here's a run down on what we did!

Headed to the airport early in the morning. All flights out of Seattle had been cancelled the previous day. We weren't sure if we'd even get to Colorado. Luckily, everything went PERFECT. We flew right in and had zero problems. There were people at the airport that had been waiting for 2 days to get out.

Last time I was in Colorado my sister took me to Boulder for the day. I absolutely loved the little town and wanted to take Adam there. So, on Tuesday we headed out to Boulder where we ate lunch at the Kitchen and did a little shopping at some of the boutique stores. Adam took one of my nieces to the toy store and couldn't resist buying her a HUGE tiger stuffed animal. Of course they couldn't come home without something for my other niece so they got her a big penguine. They got a lot of looks as they walked down the street with oversized animals.
Tuesday night my cousin, Jessica, came to have dinner with us. I haven't seen her since our wedding so it was great to have her visit! Marty made a wonderful dinner and we showed Jess a few videos of our Chilkoot trip.

Wednesday we finished up some of our shopping. The malls were pretty busy but the stores themselves weren't too bad. We had lunch at this burger place that was so good! You could build your own burgers and the sweet potatoe fries were awesome!
Later that afternoon Adam and I took a walk around the neighborhood. It was nice to see some sunshine!

CHRISTMAS!!! We woke up and opened presents. Adam got a new grind & brew coffee pot and a TON of coffee (hmmm, my family knows him well) and I got a new camping pad. The nieces got a new wii and a bunch of games but weren't able to play it because we loaded up the car and headed for their condo in the mountains. It was a fun Christmas and the weather was beautiful!

We spent the night at the condo then headed to the ski resort in the morning. I don't ski so my sister set up a snowshoeing tour for her, my mom and me. We took a lift (my first time on a lift!!) up to the top and headed down on our snowshoes with our guide, Forrest and 6 other people. My mom and sister had never snowshoed before and they seemed to really enjoy it. I had a great time. The snow was awesome!
That evening we drove back home and ordered pizza and packed. It was hard to believe that our trip was almost over!!!

We woke up early and headed for the airport. We made it to Seattle without any problems. There was talk in Seattle about not being able to land in Juneau because of low visibility. Luckily, we managed to land just fine. We had a great Christmas trip with the family! It was so fun seeing the girls and my sister and parents but it was nice to be home to our Rosco

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Leaving Tomorrow...

Got lots to do before we take off tomorrow morning. Gotta catch up on laundry, clean the house, write animal directions for our housesitter, return books to the library, bake cookies for the neighbors and PACK!!! I've heard that a lot of flights are being delayed or cancelled because of weather in the northwest. Hopefully, we'll be able to make it to Colorado without any problems.

Tana has a full itinerary for the 6 days we'll be there. We get in on Monday night, Tuesday we drive to Boulder for lunch, shopping and dinner (my cousin gets to meet up with us there! Yay!). Wednesday is reserved for last minute shopping and wrapping. Thursday we wake up and open presents then drive up to their condo in Winter Park for a sleigh ride! I've never been on a sleigh ride so I'm excited about this!!! Friday we spend the day snowshoeing, skiing, or boarding (I'll be snowshoeing!!!) then we'll drive back down to Parker in the evening. Saturday morning we're up early and headed to the airport. It'll go by way too quick!!!

I'll fill everyone in when we get back and will be posting a TON of pictures!!! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Case of the Missing Peanut-butter Brittle...

So, Adam and I came home today to two large pans of peanutbutter brittle sitting on our flower box. We assumed that someone had dropped them off for us. After we brought them inside I inspected the pans for a note or card but couldn't find anything. These were really nice pans and I figured that the gift-giver would eventually want them back.
The more I thought about the peanut-brittle the more confused I became. Two large pans of peanut brittle is a lot to give two people for a gift. And why didn't they cut them and put it on a plate? It just wasn't making sense. So, I told Adam not to eat any until we figured out who gave it to us.
Later that afternoon our neighbor knocked on our door and asked if we had seen her peanutbutter brittle. She put it on our flower box in order for it to cool. Good thing we didn't eat any