Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lovin' our real estate agent...

It's been almost 3 weeks since Adam's dad came to Juneau to live with us and we are loving the extra company. It's such a treat to come home to dinner on the table and a clean kitchen!

We've hired our friend, Gwen at Coldwell Banker , to act as our real estate agent and she has done a great job of marketing our condo. It's been fun hanging out with her and looking at all of the houses on the market. We've fallen in love with one duplex in the "valley". It's an older home that needs a few updates (perfect for the hubby of mine!), has a big fenced in yard (perfect for my pup!!) and the master bedroom is a loft (perfect for ME!! I've always loved lofts). We've put in an offer and they have accepted it. It's contingent on the sale of our condo so we're keeping our fingers crossed that someone out there will want a lovely little condo =-)

It's starting to feel like fall again and as wonderful as the summer was I'm ready to start hybernating, curling up to good books, baking peanutbutter cookies and bundling up in my hats and scarves.

Enjoy the video of our condo that Gwen made ;-)


  1. Cool video!! I love the music she choose to use - it's happy and upbeat and surely will entice someone to buy your condo. :) I'm glad you found a new house you love.

  2. the pickup fairy came to your house for sure! ;)
    very cute video...fingers crossed!

  3. I love the music too! Gwen ROCKS! Good luck!


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