Monday, September 27, 2010

Marvelous Monday

Ever have one of those days where you just feel like being grouchy? Nothing's going wrong but a little part of you wants it to be so you can justify your general annoyance with the world. Today was one of those days so I had to try extra hard to pay attention to the good things about my Monday.
**Started the morning with French Vanilla coffee cream (decided to switch it up a bit from the usual hazelnut).
**Taught some great classes
**Had lunch with my favorite ladies =)
**Had some quiet time with my little Noah friend
**It was taco night at the Berkey's
**Went to my last (sniff sniff) jewelry class =(
**Came home to find that the hubby had done EVERYTHING on the to-do list AND scrubbed the kitchen floors =)
**It was indeed a Marvelous Monday =) I'll leave you with some promised pictures of the treasures I created in jewelry class. Silver disk on the left & Seldovia beach glass on the right.


  1. wow friend that was my whole week last week!!!
    glad your day was better, hoping for some exciting news tonight.

  2. I hope your Tuesday was better. What a wonderful hubby to have everything scrubbed and cleaned for you. Good job Adam! :)


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