Monday, October 25, 2010

Marvelous Monday....

I'm so lucky that my Mondays are pretty relaxed and easy at work. It makes for a great way to start off the week. Today was marvelous because of....
**A great post-observation conference with my principal (it's always nice to hear that you're appreciated)
**lunch with my hubby (yes, we work in the same school but things are usually too busy for us to get together during lunch).
** A nice little chat with my little exchange student friend.
** A great workout
** Breakfast for dinner! (silver-dollar pancakes, sausages and the best omelet ever made).
** Watching Dexter with the family.
** Thinking that our next holiday wasn't until Thanksgiving break but finding out today that we have Veteran's day, a teacher work day and conferences coming up in November. (I love my job but holidays and days without the kids are always a nice little treat.)
I hope your Monday was marvelous too....

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  1. So all those days off mean a trip to Anchor-town right?? :):)


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