Saturday, October 23, 2010

Catching up....lots of rambling and no pictures ;-)

What a week it's been....I've started coaching the middle school girls basketball team so we've been busy with practice every night after school. Each year I forget how little they know and how much work we need to do to be ready for a game. Here are some of my favorites from the girls...
" are we ALL playing in the game?" (after explaining that i'd do my best to give everyone playing time I realized that she meant "are we all playing AT THE SAME TIME?" ...No, all 17 of us will NOT be on the court at the same time!!!)
"check in???? what does that mean?"
"Take the ball out? I don't think I know how to do that..."
me: who are you guarding??!!!!
player: guarding?? what's that?

Yeah, it was an interesting first girls lost but a few of them played really well and ended up suprising me. I know they'll all make improvements during the season and I"ll be so impressed by the last game ;-)

Friday was a busy day at work. We had a dance assembly that I coordinated. A dance group called and asked if they could perform for us and I said yes. It was cute but our sound system was horrible and the dancers only knew a few moves which were repeated over and over through 5 songs. The day was followed by an earthquake drill and fire drill. Lucky for me I snuck in a little nap after school then went swimming with a couple of wonderful girlfriends who always manage to make me laugh.

I can't complain too much because since Terry has been here I've come home to a home cooked meal each night. Having dinner ready for you when you walk through the door is just about the best thing ever. We've introduced him to a few recipe websites and he is in heaven! Last night was corn chowder, french bread and apple sauce cake....yum.

Today will be spent proctoring the ACTs, hanging out with a couple former students, watching my exchange student at her dance performance and catching up on some work for a class I'm taking. Tomorrow will be all about ME...having a nice long workout....finishing some jewelry projects....dinner with a friend from Ketchikan and indulging in my book.

Hope you all have a great weekend too!

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