Sunday, October 10, 2010

What were you doing on 10-10-10??

I spent the night at the shrine and woke up to this beautiful view. I chaperoned an overnight with 7 high school exchange students at the Shrine. I forgot how funny things can be when you throw a bunch of high school girls together. High schoolers are hilarious but when English is their second language and they are still learning about our customs and food then things are REALLY fun! It was great hearing about their countries and traditions. I loved seeing all the little trinkets, magazines, clothes and maps that they brought from home. There were girls from Sweden, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia and Turkey so spending time with people from all those countries was amazing.
(This is a shoe from Indonesia...they feel just like Crocs!)
It was another busy weekend but it was worth it. I'm hoping that next weekend I can have some down time to hang out with my friends, go to the thrift store and finish my book...ahhhhh....

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  1. loved the first pic! perfect fall scenery. I miss our walks though, rain, rain, go away!!!


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