Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Welcome, October!!!

Hello lovely October! It's good to see you! The weather you've brought with you is weird and wacky.
Earlier in the week you brought a wind storm. It caused two power outages at school and the kids went nuts! Of course it was right at the beginning of lunch so it was a little chaotic trying to get the kids through the lunch line. My job was to shine the flashlight on the pizza so they could tell if it was pepperoni or cheese (good thing I have my masters degree, right?). Your strong wind also caused my mom to be late to work because she couldn't get off the boat in the morning (and you thought you'd heard every excuse in the book).
You've also brought some beautiful sunshine for us to enjoy. I took a walk with my Stephie friend to soak in all your lovely warm rays.
Since you've been here we've enjoyed lots of dinner dates with friends and recieved our PFDs (that's Permanent Fund Dividends for those non-Alaskans). We've been happily hiding in our house reading and catching up on all of the shows we love.
I'm excited for all the things you have in store for us over the next few weeks. I can't wait till you bring the little princesses, monsters and goblins out to play!

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