Thursday, September 9, 2010

always entertaining...

Working with elementary students is always interesting and never dull. It's impossible to prepare yourself for what might happen during the day. Some days can be rough but overall working with kids under 12 is highly entertaining.
Take today for example.....I had Adam's 5th graders for counseling this afternoon and they must've taken some goof-ball pills at lunch because they were wound up and giggly. One of the boys let out a loud fart and the entire class just lost it. The rest of our time together was a complete loss since they were so focused on the horrible stench eminating from the back corner. You can only imagine how Adam reacted when he found out his students were a handful for ME!!! He had all his kids write apology letters and I just have to share this one from the "culprit".

Dear Mrs. Berkey,
Sorry for the way I was acting. I have ADHD like level 8 and Mr. Berkey gives me coffee and it's supposed to help with ADHD. Mrs. Odaniel gave it to me and she said it helps it but it must not have kicked in yet when I came. Next time I won't talk or if I have to toot I will ask to go to the bathroom and I won't sit next to ********* anymore or anyone I will talk to. I'm sorry. that was my day. On another note...Adam's dad has his ticket and will be here Sunday. =)

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