Monday, September 20, 2010

Marvelous Monday

My Mondays really have been marvelous lately. Today was jammed packed with exciting things but it maked for a loooong and exhausting day.

I started my marvelous Monday with a big ol' cup of coffee and hazelnut creamer (thank goodness for the fat-free kind because I'm drinking it like it's going out of style).

It was sunny and chilly today-my absolute favorite weather!!!

Work was marvelous because I did an artsy lesson with the kids and they loved it.

After work we met with our real estate agent and picked out the houses we want to see. She'll be coming to our place on Wednesday and it'll go on the market on Thursday! The exciting part is getting to look at all of the houses and we have a whole bunch on our list.

We came home to find dinner on the stove and clean dishes (one of the perks of having Terry live with us!).

The day ended with my 2nd jewelry class where I was able to make a ring with green beach glass from Seldovia. I still need to clean it up next week but it turned out looking great. I'm so excited to wear it!

This Monday was marvelous and I'm off to bed! Sorry for the lack of pictures...too tired right now but I'll post jewelry pictures soon ;-)

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