Monday, September 6, 2010

Marvelous Monday numero tres....

OOOOHHHHHH, this one is easy! Today is marvelous because.....
I was able to sleep in just a little bit....
It was a holiday!
The sun came out to play!!!

My new carmel syrup was delicious in my coffee (I might be regretting that 2nd cup that I just HAD to have at 5 p.m.)

I had my teeth cleaned by my second favorite dental hygentist (Lena, you're wonderful but my mom will always be my first favorite ;-) )

(Just look at those pearly whites)

I walked with my favorite trail with my favorite walking partners..

We went out and had a fire across from the glacier.

And was marvelous because I got to hang out with my two favorite boys ;-)

What made your Monday Marvelous???

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