Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hello friend! I haven't seen you in awhile :-(

Here's a little glimps of what our week looked like. I swear it was the busiest of our lives!!! On top of the regular chaos of school as winter break nears these are a few of the "extras" that we did this week. Image

*Monday - Two sets of make-up parent teacher conferences then off to pick up apartment applications for the brother-in-law (he'll be here on the 20th!)
* Tuesday - ANOTHER make-up conference after school then off to drop off apartment applications for the brother-in-law.
* Wednesday - Shopped for Friday Fun Night then off to the Music concert until 7:30
* Thursday - Rosenbruch fundraiser (WHAT A HUGE SUCCESS!!! We're up to $8500 raised and money is still trickling in!)
*Friday - 5th grade Friday Fun Night fundraiser (7:30 a.m. till 9:45 p.m. at school! Thank goodness we have a nanny for the doggy ;-) )
* Saturday - Proctored ACTs in the morning, Open House at 1:30, watched students in their lego league competition at 1:30 then headed to watch more students at their dance recital from 2-4.

It was a lot of late nights at work this week, NO time for the gym or socializing with friends and very little sleep. BUT, I have big plans for the next few weeks and I'd love to share those with you too!

Photo -

*Saturday - Wine night with my wonderful Carriker friend. I love the chaos and laughter that fills her home. No matter how crazy the boys are I always leave her house feeling happy and relaxed.
*Sunday - A slow moving day is what I'm looking forward to most. We'll wake up without the alarm clock, drink coffee in our p.j.'s and read the day away. In the evening we'll have friends over for turkey burgers and sweet potatoe fries (I've recently discovered how simple home made fries are to make and can't seem to get enough of them!)
*Next week - I plan on getting to the gym, catching up with our friends (Stephie-we need to hang out before the baby comes!!!), crafting and taking some time out for ME.
*Winter break - I was the high bidder on a massage at the silent auction so I plan on using that as soon as possible! I will catch up on all the books I've been dying to read and try out all the yummy new recipes Erin's been posting on her blog.

I'm thinking of doing a Christmas give away soon. What do you think? A necklace?? Earrings?? Ideas for entry questions? I love give-aways and will soon have time to do something fun in the blog world!


  1. I love your plans for next week. They sound perfect! Great job on such an incredibly busy week. :)


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