Friday, December 17, 2010

What did you wear today???

Today was Ugly Sweater Day for the staff at school. After a crazy few weeks of trying to get MRCS shirt orders delivered, having a guest in my classroom, attending the school concert concert, organizing a spaghetti feed and Friday Fun night this was definitely a fun way to start our winter break. Great idea social committee!

I had the greatest outfit for ugly sweater day!! Our friend Stephenie found the PERFECT sweaters for herself and the hubby last year. Lucky for me she's too pregnat to wear it this year.

Got my outfit ready the night before.....

Couldn't wait to show off that there were TWO....YES, TWO of these sweaters! One lucky husband and wife must've looked good! ;-)

Unfortunately, we didn't win the Ugly Sweater Contest (in fact, we both got a lot of compliments on how cute we looked and how cute our sweaters, WHEN were they cute?? 1970? maybe...but the fact that there were TWO people wearing these definitely makes them UGLY!!!) but it was pretty fun wearing them. I don't think I've put this much thought into an outfit since highschool! Thanks for playing with me, Erin!

The rest of the day was filled with fun and lots of organized (or so we tell ourselves) chaos. Adam and I both brought home a ton of yummy treats, coffee and even a beer from our wonderful students. It's been a great year so far but we're definitely looking forward to a break!

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  1. You & Erin look adorable in your "ugly" sweaters!! Must be the 1970 era coming out of me!


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