Sunday, March 21, 2010

White Trash Birthday Bash

FINALLY got my pictures developed from my White Trash Birthday Bash! We had a great time dressing up, hanging out in Kat's garage, hula hooping and eating incredibly unhealthy food! Self portraits are hard without digital!!! Love the rockin' red though!

Must have Easy Cheese at a white trash party!!!

Yes, Jos is washing his cup in Kat's washing machine...

Yummy food!!!

Hula hooping fun!

Don't worry mom & dad...I didn't drink that whole bottle! Aren't our jackets awesome?

I love this picture of me and Molly =)

I have no idea what my Stephie friend is doing =)

Wow, that flash is bright!

Don't you just love the cake my hubby decorated for me?


  1. Dude, your Stephie Friend is giving birth to her beach ball baby at your party! Must have been all the beer she drank :) Good times!


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