Tuesday, March 23, 2010

old treasures become new

I've been in a cleaning frenzy this week and have found new treasures (and lots of old junk!!!). I found Adam's VW plate in one of our junk drawers and felt bad that something so cool was hiding in a drawer. I also found one of our wedding presents hiding in our closet (what a beautiful candle holder!!) as well as all of the bottle caps our friends have been saving whenever they're at our house (yes, it really was our FRIENDS who drank all those beers!!). So, I took all those treasures and came up with this fun and colorful display case. I think the hubby will LOVE it!


  1. Awesome! I love it! Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post about bottle caps! :)

    You should start your "cork" board now! It really is fun to watch it grow! *I have a friend who makes trivets out of coasters, and he gets corks from local restaurants...maybe a resource for you to gather a few more??

    I am so jealous you went to Australia! Glad you had a nice break!

    How was the craft fair? I remember it was really hard my first year to know about what quantity you need, and all that...you definitely learn a lot from every event you do though!

    I am loving the "scheduled" posts in the blogging world...I just work on blog entries one day a week, and set them to post on random days...I feel a little more comfortable with it now!

    Maybe I should do a giveaway so that you can win something, (as my one and only follower!)

    Talk to you later!


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