Thursday, March 4, 2010

Welcome to the world of blogging!

I'm so excited to welcome Those Alaskan Girls to the blogging world! One of Those Alaskan Girls is a long-time friend of mine who I reconnected with last winter. She occassionally travels to Juneau and we were able to meet up last time she was in town.
She's one of those friends that you sit down and talk to over coffee and realize that two hours have passed and all you've talked about were crafts and etsy! I love her enthusiasm for crafts, jewelry and all things etsy!
She makes some gorgeous jewelry and her friend (and partner in crafting) sews the cutest little slugs.
I know she'll love the blogging world. I can't wait to read her stuff and keep up to date with all her new products.

Things here have been busy busy busy! We're into the first week of my attempt to raise money for breast cancer awareness. I've made a few sales and hope to keep things up throughout the entire month.

My March giveaway is going well! It's been amazing to read everyone's stories and comments about cancer. Thank you all for sharing. My giveaway will be open for the entire month of March so if you haven't entered be sure to do so. It's easy!

If you're into free stuff (and who isn't?) be sure to check out my sweet friend Erin's blog tomorrow for some free hand cozies. I hear they're green so I'll definitely be entering this fun contest!

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful welcome Tristan! I figured out how to "follow" your blog, so I am really on a roll now! :) I made a little button for your Etsy shop on my page, so check it out when you get a chance. Good luck at the craft fair and good for you for raising money for the cause! The pink ribbons are too cute! I have that same stamp, but I have been filling them with yellow for troops! It is a great one, because it is deeper than most and holds a lot of color!


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