Thursday, June 21, 2012

Juicing day 3

Adam and I have been talking about going on a juice diet for awhile now. We knew it would be difficult to do during the school year and figured summer vacation would be the perfect time to give this a try. I've decided to blog each day about the process and our experiences. 
My goal is to juice until Friday evening and then juice for breakfast and lunch and eat a regular meal for dinner. Adam's goal is to juice until Friday and then decide if he wants to continue. 

*Day 3*

Juicing seems to get easier as each day goes by. I knew today would be a challenge for me since it's Wine Wednesday with the ladies. They had an amazing dinner of homemade lasagna, bread and salad along with THREE (yes THREE!!!!) different types of desserts (two of which were cheesecake!). UGH, it was tough but I did it. 

Today's juice menu included pure grapefruit juice. It was yummy but it might have been a little too acidic for my stomach first thing in the morning. Our "main" juice drink included spinach, one green apple, two red apples, lots of carrots and a cucumber. In the evening I made a banana and strawberry smoothie with pineapple coconut juice. Adam and I are both enjoying the banana smoothies since they're pretty mild and not very sweet. I had two bowls of organic tomato soup and it was delicious! 

Adam has been feeling much better but he notices that he's sweating a lot. I've been feeling great and have noticed that I am not sweaty at all (which is weird because my hands and feet are usually a little clammy all the time). Our energy level is increasing and the mental fogginess is getting better. Adam is down 2lbs from yesterday and I am down 1lb. 

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