Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Juicing Day 2

Adam and I have been talking about going on a juice diet for awhile now. We knew it would be difficult to do during the school year and figured summer vacation would be the perfect time to give this a try. I've decided to blog each day about the process and our experiences. 
My goal is to juice until Friday evening and then juice for breakfast and lunch and eat a regular meal for dinner. Adam's goal is to juice until Friday and then decide if he wants to continue. 

*Day 2*

Our second day of juicing wasn't too bad. Adam woke up feeling much better than he did last night and I felt fine today. We've both noticed that our energy level is down a bit and our brains are feeling kinda fuzzy but overall it's been easier than what we were preparing ourselves for.

I've noticed that my skin feels softer and my lips don't feel as chapped. Adam and I both weighed ourselves this morning and after 1 day of juicing he is down 4.8lbs and I am down 3.2lbs. I'm interested to see how this will fluctuate throughout the week now that we're drinking more water.

Today's juice menu included two fruit smoothies made with a store bought natural juice called Mega Green. Our "main" juice drink this evening included (LOTS of) spinach, carrots, half a lemon, one cucumber and one red apple. It wasn't as citrus-y as last night's concoction and tasted pretty mild. Adam and I both enjoyed it and he was able to drink two cups tonight.

I needed a change from cold and sweet drinks and have been craving hot soup all day. On our way home tonight I caved and  stopped by the store for some organic all-natural soups. I bought a few boxes of butternut squash, tomato and spicy black bean soup. Tonight I made the spicy black bean and while it does stray from the "only fruits and veggies plan" it's still in liquid form and beans are HEALTHY! It was so nice to taste something that was warm and NOT sweet.

I have some HUGE grapefruits from Costco and have been looking forward to making a large glass of grapefruit juice for breakfast tomorrow morning.
Thanks for checking in....we're still alive and kickin' :-) 

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