Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy birthday, Erin!

Last night was my friend Erin's birthday. Unfortunately for her (yay for me!!) her hubby had to work so she dropped her sweet little one's off at day care and we went out for the yummy Mexican dinner. We had way too much fun laughing and giggling over chips and salsa and pomegranate margaritas (so good!).
Of course, a birthday wouldn't be complete without dessert so we picked up the boys and headed back to her place for chocolate cream pie and presents! Noah kept Adam entertained with his new Star Wars book while Logie played on the floor with Rosco.
Adam and I are so fortunate that we met this wonderful little family (thanks for leaving Cali and moving to Juneau!). I have so much fun on our adventures! (Who else would try on an antelope dress in the middle of the Salvation Army? )
Happy Birthday!

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  1. thanks for last night, the wonderful gift, your friendship and...keeping that ugly horse face photo of me :)
    you're the best!


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