Sunday, August 29, 2010

One baby girl, a quick 5K and survival...

That's what the past few days have been all about. We survived our first week of school. Adam's class is full of loveable and adorable 5th graders. I've been adjusting to our new schedule which is a little complex but I think I'll get used to it soon. We have lots of new energetic teachers and a principal who seems to be exactly what we need. It was an exhausting week but definitely a good start to the school year.

GIRL! That's what my friend Stephie is having!! Last night was the announcement party (or sex party as we all so fondly called it). They asked the ultrasound technician to write down the sex on a piece of paper and gave it to her parents. Her parents were the ONLY ones who knew what Stephie would be having (what a secret to have to keep!!!) and they filled a pinata with the appropriate colored candy. On the night of the party Kyle and Stephie took turns wacking it until pink candy announced to the guests that it was a GIRL!!! Congrats to Stephie & Kyle! Beat the Odds 5K! Yesterday I ran a 5K with some of my work friends. I've actually been running a little so this year was way easier than my first year! One of our little 4th grade students ran with us and kept us entertained with her cute stories and good advice (apparently you should marry someone rich!!). This was my Mindy friend's FIRST 5K and she did awesome! I'm also super proud of my Stephie friend who ran a 5K while 5 months pregnant! Yikes! We all did great and came in around at around 33 minutes! MaryAnn, ME, Stephie (and baby), Mindy & Kelley

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