Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bathroom promised

We're finally finished with the bathrooms! Now it's just a matter of finishing a few little things (like putting the doors back on!) and the construction zone will be picked up and my home should look fairly normal again!
Adam just loves remodeling and fixing things around the house. I'm so lucky that he enjoys this but I'm a girl who loves it when her home is nice and tidy and having tools in my living room isn't really my idea of fun. But, the after product is always worth it. Thanks hunny =)

The red one is our guest bathroom. We added black and white tile and painted the walls the same color of red as our living room. We added a free standing sink which seems to open up the bathroom and give it a little more room.

The blue one is our bathroom! My favorite is the glass tile on the floor.

We have a few more small projects to do around the condo before we put it on the market. We're hoping to find new owners that will love this place as much as we do!


  1. Yeah, bathrooms done. Love the tile in both bathrooms!

  2. You two did a beautiful job! I love the blue tile in your bathroom. It's gorgeous. Now that you've made it all perfect for you two - you're moving?!?!? Just finding a new spot in Juneau I hope!


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