Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lincoln City & Newport

We drove all day but made it from Fresno to Lincoln City 15 minutes
before the KOA closed! It made for a long day but it was great to have
time to play on the Oregon coast.
We took Rosco to the beach so he could run around after being cooped
up for so long. He loved playing on the beach! We did some thrifting
and antiquing and found a few great treasures. We did some shopping in
Newport and had to visit the sea lions for some pictures.
We spent a little more time on the beach and did some gambling at the
casino before heading back to our campsite for the evening.
We've discovered that we love the friendly service and great coffee
from Dutch Bros, are so curious about all the Pig N Pancake
restaurants and can't get used to having other people pump our gas!

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  1. So if you wouldn't have made it back would they have locked you out for the night? Wow, pumping gas that is old school. I remember when they used to do that, check your fluids and clean your windshield! It was just part of their customer service. Ahh the good old days. . .


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