Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July weekend!!

The 4th of July celebrations started as soon as we arrived. My sister
took us to the Rockies game. There were 50,000 people at the game but
we had great seats. After the game there was a big firework display
over the baseball field that was pretty amazing.
The next day Josh, Erin and Chance joined us for a BBQ. It was great
spending time with the siblings. The neighbors put on their own
firework display so we enjoyed them from the comfort of our living room.
Colorado has had some crazy weather lately. Our BBQ was moved inside
when the marble sized hail storm began. The hail was followed by
thunder and lighting but looked awesome with the fireworks.
Today it's back to beautiful weather and sunny skies. Hopefully the
rain (and hail!!!) will hold off until after the wedding!!

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