Thursday, July 22, 2010

In the midst of it all.

I just love this little family picture. Our trip was such a nice way to relax and reconnect and I'm missing it already. Sometimes I wish we lived somewhere with sandy beaches and sunshine but then the clouds split and the sun peaks out to show Juneau in all of its glory and it makes up for every single rainy day. Plus, we have such wonderful friends here that aren't worth trading for all the beaches in the world!
Adam and I have both jumped right in to busy schedules and are looking forward to the weekend. I've been splitting my time this week between summer school and the mental health center and Adam has started remodeling our bathrooms. We'll be looking at selling our condo within the next year (hopefully!!!) so if you're looking to buy a condo in Juneau ALASKA let me know =)
Even with the busy schedules we've still found time to hang out and enjoy each other. We've fallen back into our simple little routine of having dinner together, watching our favorite t.v. episodes (right now it's John from Cincinnatti), walking Rosco and going for short little drives (yes, we still enjoy our evening drives together even after our 6,000 mile road trip!).


  1. This pic is so cute.

    So, selling the condo and then what?

  2. wish i had my toes in the warm sand right now! ahhhh. thanks for the walk lady, much needed.


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