Sunday, January 9, 2011

Couldn't have been better....

It was a beautiful and sunny weekend here in Juneau. We had a wonderfully relaxing weekend-couldn't have asked for more.
We started the weekend off with a clean house (one of the benefits of a Saturday open house) and managed to finish all our errands early in the day leaving the rest of the weekend free to P-L-A-Y!!!
On Saturday I went walking at the airport trail with my pregnant friend Stephenie in an attempt to bring on baby. No baby yet but it was so nice being out in the sun. The weather was perfect and there were lots of doggies for Rosco to play with. We took another walk on Sunday out at Dredge Lakes. It was colder but just as gorgeous.
View of the Mendenhall Glacier from the Airport Trail

This is the view we all (including Rosco) soaked in for a few minutes at Dredge Lakes
I stayed out of the kitchen on Saturday night and was treated to the best Rueben sandwiches ever! One of the benefits of having a brother-in-law who used to work at the best burger joint in Ketchikan is that he knows all their yummy recipes. Gavin made the dressing while Terry made the sandwiches and threw together a big cobb salad. I did get in the kitchen long enough to make a huge pitcher of banana smoothies for dessert (I'll do a recipe post one of these days-they're soooo yummy!). I had a hard time convincing the hubby that they were healthy and good for you - he's sure that they are milkshakes and there's ice cream in there somewhere.

This was us after full and happy ;-)

The rest of the weekend was super relaxing....drank some wine, read The Book Thief and caught up on my online newspapers and blogs. Hope your weekend was just as relaxing :-)


  1. What a perfect weekend! I'm reading The Book Thief too and loving it. :)

  2. Looks like a perfect weekend. I think that I need to read that book . . . everyone else is.


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