Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Banana Smoothies * Recipe *

 We've been drinking a ton of banana smoothies at our house lately. I've enjoyed them for years but the boys in my house have just recently discovered this yummy treat  (the hubby swears I've been keeping this drink a secret from him because I don't want to share) and are now huge fans. 

I figured I'd share the recipe incase any of you are looking for a low-fat, healthy and tasty treat. They're easy and delicious! 

What you'll need: 
4-5 FROZEN bananas
Fat-free FROZEN cool whip 
Your favorite glasses

Throw your bananas and milk into the blender and blend until smooth. I usually put about 2 cups of milk in but you can adjust depending on how thick you want your smoothie to be.

 Put a scoop of frozen cool whip into each glass 

Fill your favorite cup with the banana smoothie and drink with a straw! 

                            They're a Berkey favorite and I hope you enjoy them just as much!!!

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  1. Yummy!! Can't wait to try them. I'm a little bummed that I don't have one of those awesome Carebear glasses to put it in though. I'm pretty sure that's what makes the drink. :)


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