Friday, November 5, 2010

Rock On!

My brother sent me this picture of my nephew and I had just fell in love with it so I decided to use my photo program to alter it a bit and add some cool features. It makes me think of an alternative rocker who really doesn't give a care what his album cover looks like because he just wants to rock.
It's hard to believe another week is done....they seem to be flying by too quickly. This weekend is filled with craziness....a two day university class for me, an open house at the condo, time in the classroom for Adam, groceries, cleaning, laundry and (hopefully!) a couple workouts at the gym. I'm ready for Thanksgiving break!


  1. Super cute photo - maybe one day he will use it for his album cover :)

    I too am ready for a break - hope someone falls in love with your condo and buys it on the spot - keeping my fingers crossed :)


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