Sunday, November 21, 2010

crafting, crafting, crafting.....

My weekend started with wine night with my favorite little family. I love going over to my friend Erin's house. It's crazy and choatic with her two little muchkins running around and I love, love, love it. There's nothing like good wine, great conversation and crazy boys running around to make your evening perfect. Saturday was FULL of CRAFTING. It's been a long time since I've sat down and crafted all evening but with winter setting in it's definitely time to get back in it. Here are a few of the projects I worked on this weekend.

A display case for my earrings. I'll be selling at the Red Dog during gallery walk so I needed something nice to hold all my earrings. I had a few extra cardboard book holders at school so I grabbed those, spray painted them, added a few cute stickers and whalllaaaaaa.....earring holders. Easy, cheap and cute.

My friend Melissa at Those Alaskan Girls is hosting a design challenge and I was honored to be invited to participate. She sent a small box of beads and metal to a few Alaskan jewelry artists and invited them to participate in a fun and creative challenge. Each box contains the same beads and all the artists will design something and send it back to her. She'll be posting the finished products on her blog so we can see how each artist used the supplies. I made a handstamped necklace and some matching earrings. I'll be sure to post the link when she gets all of the jewelry photographed. I can't wait to see what other people created.
Here's a little project I worked on awhile ago but haven't been able to post pictures because it was for my friend Danielle who I know reads my blog on occassion (Hi, D!!!). Two summers ago I performed Matt & Danielle's wedding seremony in Seldovia, Ak. It was one of the most wonderful weddings I've been to and I wanted to make Danielle a little something special. I asked her father-in-law (who is one of the sweetest dad's around-she is super lucky!!) to collect beach glass or small stones from their wedding site. I ordered this locket from a Thailand seller on etsy (I didn't realize it came from Thailand until I inquired with the seller after two months of not receiving my item!) then I handstamped their wedding date on a piece of metal. It was a fun little project and I hope Danielle loves it.

I also started crocheting a big cowl neck scarf while I watched Dexter with the family. I can't wait to wear it since it's been so chilly here lately.
That's about it for the crafting projects. I managed to sneak in a great workout, found some good deals at the thrift store and had a nice drive with the hubby on our sunny Saturday. What a perfect weekend!
Happy Sunday!


  1. Love all of new projects! What time are you and Tracy at the Dog? I am hoping to come down after the Tourney.

  2. I love it! Thank you so much! :):)


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