Thursday, November 18, 2010

MeMoRiEs of aN AlaSKaN BoAt giRl **1st Edition

Welcome to my little snippet of childhood memories. Growing up on a 32 foot sailboat in a family of 4 created some weird and wacky memories. It wasn't always a fun experience, it wasn't always an adventure and some days it didn't even feel do-able but we managed to do it. As my dad always said, "it builds character". Well, THIS character thought it would be fun to share little pieces of boat memories on occassion. Welcome to the first edition of my (hopefully) monthly series.

Kids need a place to play and when you don't have a backyard, or a front yard or even a sidewalk to play on you take what you can get. For my brother and I that happened to be the docks. On sunny afternoons we'd play on the dock next to our boat and when it was warm enough we'd put on our bathing suits, fill a bucket full of water and grab a few measuring cups for a good old fashion water fight.

One afternoon we were out playing with our water bucket and measuring cups (why measuring cups??? I have no I said, my childhood was a little wacky). It wasn't very warm out but my brother and I decided to start splashing and chasing each other with our water filled measuring cups. I backed away from him laughing until suddenly I fell into the cold icy ocean. I remember looking up at a barnacle filled boat bottom thinking that the owner really needed to scrape the bottom. As I found my way out from under the boat I clung for the dock and yelled for my mom.
I'm sure most parents would've found this event fairly traumatic but when you grow up on a boat it's just one of the daily hazards. I'm guessing my mom was scared and worried but it wasn't the first time one of us had fallen into the water and it definitely wouldn't be the last.


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