Friday, June 11, 2010

Too sunny to blog!

School's been out for about a week now and we've had the most amazing weather in Juneau. Like any good Alaskan I spent as much time playing outside as possible. So, here's a quick picture update on the week so far =) Adam and I took a class on Monday and Tuesday about place-based teaching. Tuesday morning the class was held outdoors at Auke Rec. This is a picture of two Alaskan Natives teaching students how to cook salmon. I enjoyed girls night at Mi Casa with some great friends! I am now hooked on pomagranite margaritas and must find that recipe =) We had our first bonfire of the season! We played horseshoes on the sandy beach, watched the cruiseships roll out and enjoyed the finest Rasberry Wheat Alaskan beer =) Rosco and I have been taking lots of walks with our friend Erin. Little man N is even starting to join us on his bike!
We've been getting ready to head out on our road trip. Finally have my bridesmaids dress for my brother's wedding.
The weather report now calls for rain for the rest of the week. We take the ferry to Prince Rupert on Tuesday so the blog posts might be few and far between. But, I promise lots of pictures when we return!

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