Thursday, June 17, 2010

Juneau to Quesnell, BC

What a great trip so far! We left Juneau on Tuesday evening and settled in for a long ferry ride. Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy so I wasn't able to sun bathe on the deck like I'd hoped! I did however, spend the entire time with my nose stuck in a book and it was wonderful!
We stopped in Kake and Wrangell to let Rosco out for a bit. There have been a few changes since I lived there when I was 6 but there are STILL kids selling garnets to the ferry passengers! Our next stop was Ketchikan where we had a little bit of a longer layover and were able to run across the street to The Landing for dinner with Adam's mom and brother. It was great being able to see them again and the food at the Landing was just as good as it used to be! (side note...Adam and I had MANY dates here before we were married and became HUGE fans of the breakfast burrittos! If you're ever at the Landing be sure to try one!!) We made it through the border without any problems. Adam says it's because we're "boring". I'd like to disagree with him but when I look at us through they eyes of the Canadian border patrol I guess it's true....We drove straight through Prince Rupert (not really much to see at 2:00 a.m. anyways) and planned on driving to Prince George. It was still fairly early in the afternoon when we arrived in Prince George so we decided to drive a little further so tomorrow wouldn't be so long. We made it to a cute little town called Quesnel and found a "pet friendly" hotel to crash at for the night.
The drive was beautiful! Gorgeous scenery all over and I wish I could've taken so many pictures. Unfortunately, I would've been stopping every two minutes and my driver would've killed me! We did see a little bit of wildlife along the deer (I was asleep for it), one bear (from a safe distance and from our car!!!), a fox (or maybe marmot?? Too small and fast to identify it correctly) and the enormous dead bee that flew through the window and landed on my shoulder (EWWWWW!).
I'll leave you with a few pictures of us on the ferry...This is one of the few times Adam was awake! That boy is amazing when it comes to sleeping on the ferry...once the boat starts moving he's OUT!

Till next time....XOXO


  1. Thanks for keeping us posted, I am living a road trip through your eyes. I am so with Adam, can sleep for days on the ferry. Were's Rosco, tell him he needs to keep his blog up too!


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