Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wearable Arts Show 2010

After a crazy week it was wonderful to have a Valentine's Day date with my love. We headed to the Island Pub for the best pizza in Juneau then off to see the crafty and talented models at the Wearabe Arts Show. Here's just a taste for those of you who weren't able to see it live and in person. The theme for this year- "Cirque de Pluie"This little girl was adorable in her newspaper bags. Love the orange!!These outfits were made out of re-usable grocery bags. So cute!
The Queen of hearts. These outfits were so impressive!!! Cute and funky rain wear. Just what we need in Juneau! Look Dad! Sarah Palin was there! Sorry, they were making fun of her. ;-) So sparkly and shiny. All made out of plastic and old cd's-impressive!

More playing cards. My photo doesn't do this dress justice-there were so many cards!!!

These were all made out of paint samples! It was amazing to look at and must have taken FOREVER to make!

Here's what Dr. Amy came up with after her roommate moved out...I think the roommate must've been a Lisa Murkowski fan!

Everybody loves wearing Hollister! Even if you can only afford the bag =)

This artist won last year with his mohagany dress. He went on to the Wearable Arts Show in New Zealand. Here's his 2010 creation. I love how shiny the wood is!

Thanks for taking me out on my hot Valentine's Day date, buddy! XOXO


  1. happy heart day my crafty friend.

  2. Glad you two had fun - the show looks like it might have been the best yet, the quality of the outfits looks fantastic!

  3. Great shots of Wearable Arts! It was fun.


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