Thursday, January 28, 2010

recycling is F-U-N-!!!

I've been busy getting ready for the craft fair and have been experimenting with plastic. Here are a few of my recycled plastic earrings and necklaces. I love that it's fun AND helps the earth! Thanks Erin for eatting all those freezy cups and saving your plastic =)
I'm still playing with button rings. Joanne's had a 50% off button sale last weekend so I went nuts! Here are a few of the rings I'll have for sale at the craft fair.

I think we finally figured out what Molly's craft is going to be! Does your butt ever get tired when sitting at a basketball game?? Never fear, MOLLY is here! =)


  1. OMG, soooo cute! How's your new roommate, ivy?

  2. Hey, is the necklace with the umbrella still available? Write me an order for that and matching earrings? Pretty please.


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