Saturday, January 2, 2010

A little of this, A little of that....our winter break

It's been a lovely two weeks off from work. We all relaxed and had a great time celebrating the holidays together. While we're never REALLY ready to go back to work I think we'll go back feeling refreshed and able to make it until Spring Break. Here's a rundown of our winter break!
**Took these monkeys to the airport for their sunny SoCal Christmas trip!
**Visited the thrift stores almost every day! I found a ton of great deals and even managed to find a few fun Christmas presents!

**It was craft central at our house! Adam was busy making potatohead lamps
(this is the police officer potatohead lamp that he made for the DARE officer that comes into his classroom)
and candles while I was busy crocheting and jewelry making! My friend Angie has been my ultimate customer this Christmas..I think she ended up ordering over 10 handstamped necklaces and even had me working on Christmas Eve!
** Watched LoTS of movies....Despicable Me, Inception, Kick Ass and Little Fockers...
**Opened lots of presents! Santa spoiled all of us this year!
**Took Rosco out for a couple after-dinner walks...
**Tromped around in the snow before it rained and turned to ice...
**Enjoyed the variety of wine my hubby brought home for me. ;-)
**Finished our spare bedroom and bought a bed! I'd love to take credit for working on this but truthfully, it was all Adam. He repatched walls, painted and finished the trim and now this bedroom looks WAAAAYYYY better than before. Now the father-in-law has his own room!
** Celebrated our 5 year anniversary with a snowy winter walk, a movie date and dinner at the Island Pub.
**FINALLY mailed this little monkey's Christmas and Birthday present! I can't believe he's going to be FIVE soon!
**This one pretty much sums up my last few days of break....sitting in my jammies, drinking coffee and reading the day away. This is my NEW favorite coffee mug ;-) Adam has a black one that says "I love my Uncle".

It's back to work for us tomorrow....I've been so busy relaxing that I forgot to do my Marvelous Monday post last week. No worries....I'm sure the first Monday back will be SUPER Marvelous and I'll have lots to post ;-)
Happy New Year, friends!

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