Monday, January 18, 2010

I love three day weekends!

I just love having extra time to play and relax! This weekend there was lots of sleeping in, napping and snuggling in bed with the family. On Saturday I went over to Erin's house and did some crafting. Here's the little project I made. Crocheting is waaaay more fun with a friend and some wine =)

I also did a little crafting on my own this weekend. Here's my latest craze-button rings! They're so fun to make AND wear! Molly and I are gearing up for the craft fair in March.

I went and saw The Lovely Bones with some girls from work last night. The book was wonderful but the movie was a bit hoakie. It's not a BAD movie, just not worth spending 10 bucks at the theater.

Today will be spent relaxing and getting some stuff done around the house. I love love love this extra day!!!

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  1. those rings are soooo cute! wine does make craft nights fun
    xo - e


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