Sunday, August 2, 2009


We made it to Anchorage! It was a bit of an ordeal GETTING here and if Adam and I believed a bit more in signs we probably wouldn't have gotten on the plane at all. Here's a run down of our pre-flight missery...
1-Tristan gets pulled over by the cops... Can't find insurance card...Is told that not carrying an insurance card is illegal and could cost me 300 bucks. Luckily, the cop was in a good mood that day and let us off with a warning.
2-Get to the airport and we're told that AK airlines doesn't accept collapsable kennels. We have two choices; 1. Go to Fred's and get a new kennel or 2. pay 75 bucks for a kennel they have available. We end up paying the money and getting Rosco a "new" kennel that happens to have "Hi my name is Emma. My final destination is NV" written on it.
3-Adam gets patted down by the security guard for "looking too serious".
FINALLY, we're on the plane and it's smooth sailing from there.

Josh, Erin and Chance picked us up at the airport and we went to the park to let Rosco and Chance run around a bit. Afterwards, we met up with Erin's parents for dinner at Red Robin.

Last night Adam and I babysat while Erin and Josh went out. We had fun playing games with Chance and ordering pizza from Pizza Hut. I've missed my stuffed crust pizza!

Chance is just about the cutest thing in the world. He gets super excited and rowdy late at night, calls everyone "buddy" and has the cutest giggle in the world. Josh and Erin better watch out..We might be smuggling him back in Rosco's kennel =)

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