Friday, August 14, 2009

One more week of freedom =)

This summer has FLOWN by! We were blessed with amazing weather in Juneau for most of the summer, had an unbelievable honeymoon in Australia, got to show off our little town to 4 great visitors, got to spend time with my brother, Erin & Chance and had the opportunity to perform a wedding ceremony for our two wonderful friends, Matt & Danielle. We could not have asked for a better summer.
Our living room is still in chaos due to the work Adam is doing on the floors in the master bedroom. He's close to finishing them and they look amazing. Most of this was a self-taught project and he's definitely worked out a lot of the kinks that he had on the living room floor last summer. We should be able to move our furniture back into the room before school starts. I can't wait to get settled and organized again!
We have about one more week until school starts. Teachers go back on the 26th and the kiddos will come on the 31st. Adam and I will start going into our classrooms next week and getting things ready. We're both looking forward to this coming year. Adam has a great teaching partner, she's laid back, fun and can keep him organized!!!! I get my own classroom where the kids will come to me rather than me having to lug my stuff to every room! We're off to a great start and hope this will be a fantastic year!

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