Tuesday, August 4, 2009

more of Anchorage

Yesterday I spent the day in Anchorage with my friend Amanda. It was great to see her again. We shopped, ate Thai food and went for a walk. It's always nice getting to see old friends again.
Today Adam and I drove into Anchorage for some some shopping. We managed to walk out of the 5th Avenue mall without a thing! We stopped at Boston's pizza for lunch, Adam misses his Boston's pizza! Afterwards, we went to the Diamond mall and managed to do a little damage at Forever 21 and The Gap (did I say We??? It was actually just me). We also went to Value Village where Adam found some pretty funny t-shirts.
Tonight the boys went out and the girls stayed home with the baby. We did our nails (and Chance's nails -guess the boys should've taken him with them, huh?) and watched a movie. It's been fun getting to hang out with Erin and Chance.
Adam and I are planning on driving to Homer around 5a.m. in order to catch the 11:55 ferry. It'll make for a long day but it'll be great to see Matt & Danielle. The wedding is tomorrow afternoon and we're hoping for sunny skies! The ceremony speech is done and I was able to find a dress and shoes...I think we're set!
I'm excited to visit Homer and Seldovia~I will definitely be taking lots of pictures of Seldovia and posting them soon!

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