Friday, April 3, 2009

Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun

Juneau has had some pretty amazing weather lately. I can't remember a time that we went this long without Ra**!!!
This week I took most of my classes outside for the lesson. It's good for the kids ( and me!!) to get out of the classroom everyonce and a while.
Yesterday I proctored the SATs so I rode my bike to the high school. It was pretty torturous for the kids to be stuck in a room testing when it was so beautiful out. I was able to work on Matt & Danielle's wedding ceremony a bit while everyone was testing. I still need a good poem/blessing so if anyone knows of one I'd love to hear it. Luckily I still have some time before I need to have that ready.
Last night we had a bonfire out at Eagle Beach. It was nice to get together with friends and just sit around the campfire enjoying the weather. I hope there will be many more bonfires and sunny weather this summer!

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