Sunday, April 19, 2009

Folk Fest '09

We started the weekend off right! Friday night we had about 8 people over to our place for a pre-folk fest potluck. There was SOOO much good food and it was nice to unwind with friends after a long week. After we stuffed ourselves we headed down to Centennial hall to check out Folk Fest. Folk Fest is a free music event that takes place each year here in Juneau. Musicians from all over fly here to play for the locals. All musicians pay their own way here and some only get to play in 1 15 minute spot. These guys do it because they love the music.

The next day I took Dude to the airport so she could go home to daddy. She almost didn't get on the plane since one of the employees was being a bit rude. I was supposed to be there at 8:40 but they didn't open until 9. Apparently I was just supposed to pound on the doors until someone came to help me. How I was supposed to know this information I have no idea-but, the lady at AK airlines was adamant that that's what I was supposed to have done. Fortunately, they ended up taking the kitty and she is now re-united with her daddy. =)

After that I went to help my friend Mindy with her garage sale. She's moving to Craig at the end of the summer. Yay for Craig, BOO for us!!! It was so interesting watching people who come to garage sales. Some are very picky about the product they will be spending A WHOLE DOLLAR on and want to zip, scrunch and test everything on it! But, it was a very successful garage sale and she ended up selling almost everything she had out.

Today is going to be a lazy day. I might go to the swimming pool this afternoon while Adam is out at the school. I'm on to researching hostels in Cairns, Australia and hope to be able to make reservations next weekend. There's only a month and a half left of school! This trip is going to come sooner than I think!!

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