Friday, April 24, 2009

Place to stay in Sydney...check

Last night was my night to look for places to stay while we're in Sydney. I was getting a bit nervous because most of the hostel reviews were person said they had cockroaches in their room...another complained of bedbugs....the list just went on and on. PLUS, these were for hostels that were about 100 bucks a night!!!
So, I decided to try and see if I'd have any luck. I started my bid at 70 bucks/night on a 4 star hotel. I figured they'd come back and say no and then I'd bid a little higher. HOWEVER, the Marriott in downtown Sydney accepted our offer! I am super excited and have looked at their website and even priced their rooms at the regular prices. It looks very fancy-shmancy and the prices were around 230/night.
I LOVE getting a good deal! Yay for Priceline!

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