Thursday, October 30, 2008

1st B-ball game

Oh Boy! Well, Molly and I knew going into this that we had a young team and would be learning ALOT this season. It was quite obvious that that was true at our first game tonight. The girls seemed to be shell shocked for the first 1/2 and had no idea what to do. We finally scored our first basket as the buzzer sounded to end the first half.

After half time they began to get a little more comfortable and started playing basketball. The final score was 6-38. We have a lot to work on for our game next week. It tough when none of them have any experience playing basketball and we're starting with the very basics.

We finally got our first day of sun in 32 days! It was so nice to see some sunshine!!! Adam and I both went out on the playground today and just stood there soaking up the sun. We also got a hoola-hooping lesson from some of the 5th grade girls. Did you know it's possible to hoola-hoop with your knees??? I had no idea.

Tomorrow is an inservice and I am so gratefull! Halloween is always such a crazy holiday. The kids are always nuts and are bouncing off the walls with all the sugar they've consumed. The teachers will be at their schools and I'll be with the counselors at our new high school. Topic of the day: Suicide. Not a very uplifting topic but at least I can zone out and daydream.

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